Anxiety. It is the buzzword of our time. To those who had never truly experience it, it is like a distant song. Something you may even chuckle over. To those who have explored its horrendous depths, that word thunders in our ears and pierces right into our core.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines anxiety as:

‘A nervous disorder marked by excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behaviour or panic attacks.’

But such a simple statement is a pale shadow of its reality.

Anxiety is now an epidemic. To many, it is the epidemic of the 21st century. Not only that, there is an apparent trend that the victims of anxiety are getting younger and younger.

In some ways, anxiety is worst than a real epidemic. It cannot be quarantine like a real plague. It can happen to anyone. And it is unlikely there will ever be a vaccine for anxiety.

And to add icing to the cake, our current society is a perfect petri dish for anxiety. Rushed, crowded, competitive and unforgiving, our society is serving out stresses by the buckets.


In Britain, the chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation said: “Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems in the UK and it is increasing: yet it remains under-reported, under-diagnosed and under-treated.”A YouGov survey reveals that:-

  • 19% of the people feel anxious a lot or all the time and over 60% of this group experience anxiety on a daily basis.
  • Young people and the unemployed are more likely to feel anxious a lot or all the time.
  • Only 7% of people say they visit their GP to cope with feelings of anxiety.
  • 29% of people would be embarrassed to tell someone they have anxieties.
  • 57% of people wish they could be less anxious.



Some anxiety victims have found consolation in behaviour therapies. Other had found it in modern or herbal medication. Most found none and are still suffering under the torment of anxiety.

But do not fret. There is a new ray of hope – a new light at the end of the tunnel.

Master Lam Kam Chuen – a world-renowned authority in the arts of Chi Kung (Qigong) and Tai Chi – has taken his stance to tackle this modern epidemic! As a classically-trained healer with over forty years’ experience, Master Lam approaches this problem in a natural and holistic fashion.

With his wealth of experience and dedicated researches, Master Lam this may be the solution you have been waiting for.

QigongWorkbookforAnxiety Hot News: Master Lam's new book is now officially out! Click the above image for more information.

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