taoist meditation

Meditation is often associated with Eastern cultures. In the West, people are most familiar with Buddhist or Hindu meditations. There are also a number of contemporary meditation techniques which have sprung up over recent years. In terms of popularity, Taoist meditation has been relatively side-lined. This can be attributed to the unfamiliarity of Taoism in the West.

It is impossible to explain in a few short simple sentences what Taoist meditation is. It has some similarities with other meditations but also many differences. For example, Taoist meditation does not have the same level of physical demand as other meditations. You do not have to cross your legs up into a lotus posture. So if you have not exceptionally bendable ankles and knees, Taoist meditation is perfect for you.

Also, Taoist meditation is just an umbrella term for a huge variety of mental exercises belong to the Taoist tradition. Each has a different goal, a different function and a different flavour. So it is not possible to generalise what Taoist meditation is.

Taoist meditation is not only a system of mental recuperation and mental strengthening, it serves also as a complement to other disciplines. Many martial artists, spiritualists and healers have used it to reinforce the integrity of their skills.

But despite everything mentioned above, the best way to understand Taoist meditation is to experience it. Just give yourself a chance and try it out!

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